The 10th international running competition Vilnius 20 km run will be held on 15th of October.

Participants will run through the greenest part of the city. The running start and finish will be on Upes street. The route will come along Malonioji, Pušų, Vytauto, Mickevičiaus, Kraševskio, Birutės streets, Vingis park, pedestrians walkaway in Geležinio vilko str., Goštauto str. and White bridge.

Participants of the run can choose from various events: 20 km, 10 km, 3,5 km running as well as 10 km, 3,5 km Nordic walking. There is a 1 km event for the little ones. Advanced registration is required to all Vilnius 20 km running events.

This year while seeking the better sports or personal results in traditional Vilnius 20 km running, also support the idea of organ donation and transplantation all together.