For participants of 1 km running:

Registered until 1st of October, 2016 – free of charge.

Registered from 2nd till 15th of October, 2016 – 5 €.

For participants of 3,5 km running and 3,5 km NW:

Registered until 12th of October, 2016 – 10 €.

Registered from 13th till 15th of October, 2016 – 15 €.

For participants of 10 km, 20 km running and 10 km NW:

Registered until 15th of September, 2016 – 15 €.

Registered from 16th of September till 15 of October, 2016 – 20 €.

Participants’ entry fee needs to be sent to Association‘s ‘SPORTO RENGINIAI’ bank account – LT55 7300 0101 0353 7642 Swedbank or made using payment system

If participant who has registered for the race does not pay entry fee in 3 and 7 working days, he/she will get a reminder about unfinished registration. Payment must be made in accordance with the starting fee on the day of the payment. Improper payment of entrance fee will not be counted!

The entry fee is non-refundable and cannot be given to other participant